FX20P-50 Top Center Grinder

Top-Center Grinder:

Machine Manufacturer’s Name: HuxinC

Country of Manufacture: China

Machine Model Number: FX20P-50CNC

Tuson’s Quantity of Machines: One (1)

Machine Location(s): Tuson / Jiaxing (China)

Machine Processing Size Capabilities in Millimeters (Inches):

  • Diameter Maximum = 200 (7.87)
  • Length Maximum = 500 (19.69)

Machine Precision in Millimeters (Inches):

  • X-Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.002 (0.0001)
  • Inner and Outer Diameter: 0.005 (0.0002)
  • Roundness: 0.005 (0.0002)

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