Precision Machining for the Automotive Industry


Tuson, an experienced supplier of precision-machined components, assemblies, and systems, was contacted by a customer within the automotive industry and asked to manufacture a component for an ABS control unit. The project required a custom fabrication approach, and drew upon the talents of multiple personnel from several functional groups within our organization.

Tuson manufactured the part using a CNC automatic lathe, and a centerless grinding machine. This equipment offered a strong combination of flexibility, precision, and repeatability. Specialized techniques, including Statistical Process Control (SPC), were used to ensure compliance with the customer’s tight design specifications and tolerances.

Operations included precision machining, precision grinding, and heat treatment. The units were manufactured using DIN 100Cr6 material. The component had a diameter of 12 mm (.47 inches) and a length of 90 mm (3.54 inches). The outer diameter tolerance was held to meet ISO K5 Class (+1 µm / -7 µm).

A series production order for 400,000 units was fulfilled within a lead time of three months, and delivered to the customer located in Texas in the USA.

Tuson, headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois (near Chicago), is committed to providing high quality, cost-effective manufacturing solutions for customers within the automotive sector, and many other industries. Included among these are fluid power, electric motors and linear actuators, construction equipment and machinery, 3D printers, transportation machinery and equipment, recreational vehicles (RVs), and agricultural equipment and machinery.

We have over 30 years of experience in producing high quality precision-machined components, assemblies, and systems. We also offer economical Pacific-Rim manufacturing locations, combined with North American inventory, and sales, service, and support.

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Project Name:

XT ABS Shaft

Project Description:

A Steel ABS Shaft Used in Automotive Applications

Capabilities & Processes Applied:

  • Precision Machining
  • Precision Grinding
  • Heat Treatment

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part:

CNC Automatic Lathe, Centerless Grinder, and Heat-Treating Equipment

Basic Dimensions:

12 mm (.47 inches) Diameter x 90 mm (3.54 inches) Length

Tightest Tolerance:

0.006 mm (0.0002 inches) O.D. Tolerance

Materials Used:

DIN 100Cr6

Industry for Use:

Automotive Production

Production Volume:

400,000 Units per Year

Delivery/Turnaround Time:

3 Months