Custom Hydraulic Gear Motors


Pictured is Tuson’s first fully assembled custom hydraulic gear motor. Initially, we produced only the major components within the motor for our customer. However, later we offered the customer a cost reduction and work simplification by fabricating, assembling, and testing the complete motor ourselves. This solution provided our customer with the advantages of fewer part numbers, improved logistics, and decreased inventory. It also provided them with a complete “out of the box” solution at final point of use (machine assembly).

We worked very closely with our customer to successfully complete this project. This 12 cc (.73 cubic inch) displacement external gear motor operates a fan drive on construction machinery. The motor body is made from grey cast iron. It is assembled using several precision-machined components and other parts.

The biggest challenge we encountered during this project was machining the necessary components for sealing purposes. During the early project phases, we encountered some unexpected flow issues. However, close collaboration between our engineers and the customer helped us to arrive at innovative solutions.

Testing was required because the motor “break-in” to maximum working pressure is also the unit’s final machining process. This required us to design and fabricate a custom hydraulic test stand. Again, we worked closely together with our customer. We needed to ensure our test stand was capable of producing all necessary conditions to complete break-in, and evaluate final unit performance. It also needed to provide information feedback throughout those processes.

This project clearly demonstrates the type of “turn-key” manufacturing solutions Tuson can provide to its OEM customers. Whether your needs are hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, or systems, Tuson stands ready to be of service.

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Hydraulic gear motor


Project Name:

Custom Hydraulic Gear Motors

Project Description:

The Manufacturing, Assembly, and Testing of Complete Hydraulic Gear MotorsThe Design, Manufacture, Assembly, and Test of Integrated Pump/Motor Fluid Transfer Units

Capabilities & Processes Applied:

  • Casting Sourcing and Procurement
  • Precision Machining of Several Materials
  • Product Assembly Using Custom Fixtures and Methods
  • Complete Function and Leak Testing

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part:

Various CNC and Other

Basic Dimensions:

L x W x H = 267 x 201 x 222 mm (10.5 x 7.9 x 8.7 inches)

Tightest Tolerance Held:

+/- 0.005 mm (0.0002 inches)

Materials Used:

Grey Cast Iron, 8620 Steel, 6061 Aluminum, and Others

Industry for Use:

Construction Equipment and Machinery

Production Volume:

To Meet Customer Needs