Integrated Pump/Motor Fluid Transfer Units


This integrated pump/motor fluid transfer unit was custom-designed as a space-saving option and a cost reduction for an OEM customer. The requirement was to have the same functionality as the larger design it would replace, while also offering a substantial price improvement. It features a specially designed bi-directional cartridge vane pump within a cavity in the manifold block. Powered by a custom-designed 12-volt DC motor, it is used to transfer fluids into and out of vehicles.

Tuson worked closely with the OEM’s engineers during the design and development of this system. There were several challenges during the project that needed to be addressed to achieve the design goals. These included modifying the internal relief valve to achieve desired characteristics, and optimizing the motor performance to fulfill a variety of operating conditions and scenarios.

A custom test stand was built by Tuson and used for the development and testing of the system. It duplicated the variety of operating conditions the units would be expected to encounter in their actual end-use applications. This customized testing arrangement proved to be an essential element in the design and development of the system.

Overall, this project is an excellent example of Tuson’s capabilities in working with OEMs on the design, development, and production of custom integrated fluid power systems. Can we help you with yours?

Tuson was founded in 1987, and is headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois (near Chicago). Tuson has manufacturing facilities in Jiaxing, China (near Shanghai), in Dongguan, China (near Shenzhen), and in Hsinchu, Taiwan (R.O.C.), along with a Joint Venture located in Japan. Tuson offers customers cost-effective Pacific Rim sourcing and manufacturing, combined with North American inventory, and sales, service, and support.

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Project Name:

Integrated Pump/Motor Fluid Transfer Units

Project Description:

The Design, Manufacture, Assembly, and Test of Integrated Pump/Motor Fluid Transfer Units

Capabilities & Processes Applied:

  • Precision Machining of Several Materials
  • DC Motor Design and Manufacturing
  • Manifold Block Design and Manufacturing
  • Hydraulic Vane Pump Design and Manufacturing
  • Product Assembly
  • Full Function and Leak Testing

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part:

Various CNC and Other

Basic Dimensions:

310 mm (12.2 inches) Length x 76.2 mm (3 inches) Width x 245 mm (9.6 inches) Height

Tightest Tolerance Held:

Cylindricity of 0.008 mm (0.0003 inches)

Materials Used:

AL6061-T6, and Various Others

Industry for Use:

Professional Automotive Maintenance Equipment

Production Volume:

To Meet Customer Needs