In November of 2017, Tuson was the subject of an article within “Business In Focus” (BIF) magazine. BIF reaches more than 468,200 industry leaders in all areas of North American business, including: Manufacturing, Technology, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Logistics, Finance, Resources, and Construction.

BIF takes pride in bringing its readers a comprehensive view of North American business, month after month. BIF’s online editions keep readers on top of the latest news and events across multiple industries, and highlight the nation’s leaders in their respective fields. By sitting down with Managers, Founders, Directors, and CEOs, BIF is able to bring the stories of their successes to its readers.

With a focus on growth, opportunities, and education, BIF takes a balanced and in-depth view of the challenges facing North American businesses. BIF also speaks with representatives of the continent’s most prominent associations, trade bodies, and governmental departments, keeping an eye on the policies, events, and issues that affect us all.

With an emphasis on learning from top North American firms and a clear view of the entire business landscape, BIF truly brings North American business into focus.