Fabrication & Machining of Electric Motors for Industrial / Motion Applications - Vernon Hills, Illinois

Fabrication & Machining of Electric Motors for Industrial / Motion Applications

Electric Motors
Electric Motors

Tuson is a qualified supplier of electric motors for industrial applications. Our design and production capabilities are able to deliver motors for a wide variety of light and heavy duty purposes. Highlighted here is our work completed for a Pennsylvania-based industrial customer.

We were contracted to produce a series of 12v to 48v motors. Production processes, including metal fabrication, machining work, coil winding, and assembly were performed completely on-site. Part dimensions were 1.25" wide by 2.00" long at their smallest, 2.125" wide and 5.00" long at their largest. Tolerances were held at ±0.003." All motors were built to RoHS standards.

Volume orders of 50,000 each were delivered on lead times of 3 months. We managed logistics of the motors ourselves, delivering direct to the customer in Pennsylvania.

Tuson continues to supply custom made electric motors for many industrial customers. Contact us today to see how your needs can be met through our motor products.

Electric Motors Project Highlights

Project Name
Electric Motors
Project Description
These are 12 to 48V electric motors are used within an industrial/motion application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Overall Part Dimensions
DIA. 1.25" L. up to 2.5"
DIA. 1.50" L. up to 3.0"
DIA. 2.125" L. up to 5.0"
DIA. 2.625" L. up t0 5.5"
DIA. 3.40" L. up to 7.5"
Tightest Tolerances
Industry for Use
Industrial / Motion
EAU 50,000 pcs
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 months
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Drawings
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